Mary Lindsey

Galveston Photos Related to SHATTERED SOULS

Retaining wall where Alden sits in Old City Cemetery, Galveston
The Hotel Galvez where Alden's IC hearing takes place.
Seawall monument were Alden and Lenzi meet IC representative.
View of Galveston Bay from Seawall.

Pictures of The Storm of 1900

(Photos are public domain)

Wreckage left after the storm surge receded.
It is estimated that up to 6,000 people died on Galveston Island alone.
After the water receded, a sand slurry was pumped in from the ship channel to raise the level of the island.
The seawall is around 17 feet high.  It was backfilled with sand dredged from the ship channel.
Postcard from 1908 depicting the east end of the Seawall.

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Old City Cemetery Pictures

A mausoleum partially buried during the raising of Galveston Island after the Great Storm of 1900. At the time this photo was taken, Emily was 4 feet tall. The top of the door was probably 6-7 feet above the ground before the storm.
Another mausoleum partially buried by the Storm of 1900.
Caretaker’s shed.
Back of the Old City Cemetery caretaker’s shed.

More Photos from Old City Cemetery, Galveston