Mary Lindsey

Photos related to Ashes on the Waves

A lobster fishing boat like the one Pa would use.
Liam's shed.
The ice pond.
A view from the cliff side trail.

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A view inside a well.
The house Liam moves into after the fire. (Note Liam's shed in right edge of picture)
A trail leading to the cliffs.
A view from the cliffs.
The beautiful wooded coastline.
A rock wall like the one marking the Leighton Estate,Taibhreamh.
The varied terrain of the island took me by surprise. The woods.
The rocky beach.
Another view of the gorgeous coastline.
Our trip was fantastic. The feeling of isolation and the natural beauty was enthralling.
The mail boat we took to the island from the mainland. The handsome guy in red is my husband, Laine.